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Local SEO Questions and Answers

Local SEO Services: Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some Questions and Answers which our website visitors may find useful and which may answer any queries you have at this time. It is anticipated that this section will grow as the amount of questions increases.



Can We Use Our Existing Website?

You certainly can, but only if it comes up to scratch. If your existing website is badly optimised then it can be changed for the better, but if it is so badly optimised that it needs rebuilding altogether we will advise on that. It may be that only the format or the platform will need to be changed. It may be that the domain name is completely unsuitable so that a new domain name will have to be registered.


Do We Have To Organise Our Own Hosting?

No. We can do this for you. If you have an existing web hosting service and if you are happy with them then that's fine. But if you are unhappy with your existing host then now would be a good time to change to a better one.


Who Do You Recommend For Hosting?

On the basis of quality, value for money and extremely good customer service we recommend Bluehost and Hostgator.


How Can You Guarantee A Page One Listing?

On the basis of what we have achieved for ourselves and our clients over the years we are confident that we can achieve a page one listing for our clients. What we cannot guarantee - and it is something that no SEO service can guarantee even if they say they can - is a #1 or top position ranking at the very top of the natural search results, for the simple reason that we cannot tell the search engines what to do. If we have not given you a page one listing at the end of four months work we will continue to do so until this has been achieved. That is our guarantee, and this is voided only if Google or the other search engines decide to penalise the website for reasons outside our control. Please read our Terms and Conditions page for full details.




















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