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Local SEO Services

Your Top Local Listing in the Search Engines Will Boost Your Business Massively


Local SEO Services


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It doesn't matter how fantastic your website looks: the fact is that if it isn't listed on the first page of the major search engines it may as well be buried away on page 94. If nobody sees your site then nobody will know that you have anything to offer except your existing customers.

Welcome to our local SEO services website. You will have found our website because you want a top listing in the search engines for your business in your locality. When people want a service near to where they live they will enter that service into their search engine of choice (usually Google) followed by the name of their town, city or district, sometimes even postcode. You want your website to be found above all your competitors' sites so that you get the business!

You’ve probably seen the various packages advertised by many Internet marketing and SEO companies: "Silver", Gold Platinum, Diamond, etc., and each one more costly than the last. But that approach is entirely without consideration of the actual results for you, the client.

Our approach is different. Our local SEO service is based entirely on the results we get for you. Our basic service offers a Page One listing on Google. Our clients can click into Google and the other search engines every few days and watch as their own listing rises, slowly but surely, in the search engine rankings, and their leads and enquiries will increase directly in line with this process.

Our Advanced service is aimed at getting your website to the top of Page One. We recognise that it just takes more time to get to the number 1 position on Page One than it does to get to the number 5 position on Page One, which is where our basic service will typically place your site. This is reflected in the effort necessary to achieve this. But first we need to get to page one before considering higher things.

We offer a first class service based directly on results, and not on other metrics offered by many other services which offer pointless lists of tasks without necessarily any positive effect in your website ranking. With our service you are guaranteed measurable results which increase your business leads and profits.





Download our free ebook, "Local SEO: How To Get A Top Search Engine Listing For Your Location" by filling out the short form beneath. The download link will be sent to you in a few seconds.




Our Local SEO Services Guarantee


Our Local SEO Services Difference

Normally, SEO companies do not, and should not, make guarantees about getting clients’ websites ranked in top positions. But our 13 years’ experience allow us to make broad guarantees of success and then back this up with actual results. We cannot guarantee a number one listing, simply because we cannot tell the search engines what to do. Nobody can, however good or however experienced. But we can guarantee a level of service which will serve you better than other SEO companies in terms of value for money, results and your satisfaction. You, our client, will always come first.

That is the essential difference between us and other SEO and Internet marketing services. The local SEO service we provide is based on the results we get for you, so you won’t be paying for thousands of pointless submissions to generic directories or dozens of bookmarks or links to sites which are irrelevant to your business.

We do not submit articles to hundreds of article sites which the search engines have long since discounted as nearly worthless, nor will we get links from sources which the search engines regard as trivial, irrelevant or of low authority. We do not use procedures which raise red flags to the search engines and identify these practices as 'spammy' or manipulative.

Instead, you will be able to watch your listing rise in the search results on a steady basis, until it reaches page one. We will provide a steady and robust service which will ensure that a continuous improvement is maintained and that your website will reach the position you need.



You may see other SEO companies offering lists of submissions to thousands of directories, blogs and so on. We prefer to rate our success on actual results, and with many years in the industry we know what works and what doesn't. The only metric we use - and the only metric which gets our clients massive return on investment - is the position in the search engine listings. Because that's the only thing that matters: the higher your website is in the search engine listings, the higher the number of people who will click on that link and go to your site. When you use our service you will be able to see your website rise higher in the search engine rankings on an almost daily basis. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve online success, and we will not be satisfied until your website is listed on the first page of Google and the other major search engines.

Upon your instructions we will work to take your website listing up the listings and to the top half of the page (the "above the fold" position, to use traditional advertising terminology) and keep it there.

We don't care much for second place. So we offer our clients the first place listing if at all possible. This is based on results that you, and your potential customers, can actually see and click on!

That is the difference between us and other SEO companies, and that is our cast-iron guarantee. We deal in results for you, not the number of site submissions we make. We know you want leads, enquiries and more business, so we concentrate on that and not on spammy submission projects.



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Local SEO Services



There are many SEO companies offering local SEO services available now; in fact, the market is quite crowded. So what would make you want to choose us as your local SEO service?

Below are just some of the reasons.



Your Business Can Now Potentially Be Seen by the Whole World


You've probably heard it before many times, but the fact is that we do now live in a global economy. For the first time in history anyone anywhere in the world can find about about your business wherever you are in the world. Your locality has never before been seen so much from all continents from East to West.

Using the power of the Internet you will be able to harness the might of digital communication to get your message across to anyone in any location, irrespective of where they live and work.

So if anyone is looking for the goods and services you provide in your locality, make sure that it's your business they see first, and not your competitors'. We have the skills and experience to make that happen for you, and we also have the tools and technology to enable you to grab as much of the world's market that wants to see you.


Good Client Relationships Mean Good Business Results


We have over a decade's experience with SEO. Our experience in SEO has been in many different sectors but mainly in financial services. These are tough sectors to dominate. So after having done very well here we find local SEO relatively easy. We find it is quite easy to get a client a number one listing at the top of the natural search results in Google, just because we have successfully got such #1 listings for far more difficult keywords in the past.

So our experience is one of the reasons we don't make huge demands on our clients and we don't charge large fees either, as we know this isn't necessary. We have always got on well with our clients because of our past work in the market research industry and in data processing, where we always treated our clients as individuals with their own particular preferences.


The Right Domain Name Matters in Local SEO


If you don't have a website we can advise you on the best domain name to register for maximum visibility. If you do have a website we will tell you if we think that the domain name is unsuitable for maximum website visibility.

We encourage you to download our free local SEO services ebook, above, which explains in much more detail about what your domain name must include and how this affects what people will find when they type in their search queries into their search engine of choice.

Remember that successful local search starts with the right local domain name. For more about this have a look at our guide on the importance of getting the right local domain name for your business.



Exclusivity of Local SEO Territory



Our local SEO service guarantees exclusivity of locality for every client. That means that we do not take on more than one client in the same sector in the same town or city (or any location where a conflict of interest may exist). So if you are a landscape gardener in Cambridge and you decide to use our service, you can guarantee that we will not take on another client in Cambridge who is also a landscape gardener.

Similarly, if you are an accountant in Lincoln you will also have your own exclusive "territory" and we will not be looking for any other accountants in Lincoln. So get in touch quickly before your local competitor does!

People looking for what you have to offer will come to your site and not anyone else's. Watch your visitor numbers rise daily, together with your sales and profits.


Compatibility For Mobile & Tablet: Google Places & Google Maps Listings


Our procedures ensure that your website is friendly to mobile phone users and to users of tablet devices as well as laptop and desktop computer users. This is particularly important for local SEO, where your potential customers and clients may be very mobile and on the move a lot of the time.

We will also give you an entry in the Google Places and Google Maps listings, so that your business will be listed in the first page block which appears next to a local map where your location will be marked with a virtual pin for all to see. You need citations and recommendations for your business - as many as you can get!


Profit Oriented Local SEO Services


Our service to you is oriented to your profit, not oriented to tickboxes. Where other local SEO services offer a list of things such as meaningless directory submissions as part of a one-size-fits-all package, we offer a first page ranking on all the major search engines, and we keep on working until we achieve that for you.

Google looks for relevant links to and from other relevant websites. This means that the kind of tickbox approach most SEO services offer will attempt to put your business into a generic approach which will not be best suited to it. Similarly, the search engines will notice these patterns and this will suggest to them an unnatural linking strategy which can only harm your rankings and therefore reduce your web visitors and thereby your profits.

We know that your profits are dependent on the relevance of links to and from your website. We value your profits as much as we value our own. This is why our policy is to treat each of our client campaigns as a unique campaign.


Local Social Media Optimisation & Local Social Media Marketing


These days no SEO campaign is complete without social media optimisation. The search engines, especially Google, have indicated that social interaction and "social signals" will identify a strong sense of authority in a website, and that it has plenty of supporters and potential users.

We create a buzz for your website by setting up accounts with all major social media platforms which are relevant to your sector.

Your website's social media presence not only increases the authority and position of your site's rankings in the search engines - it also brings business to you independently from existing members of the social media platforms who are looking for what you have to offer. These are extra visitors who may not even use search engines. So our service will also bring you business from outside the search engines as well as your Google listings.

We will set up an account for you at all relevant social media sites and start making contacts for you. There are lots of ways you can get new business through these extra channels of existing communities. Done the right way, you will have leads coming into your inbox on a daily basis depending on the size of your market and your catchment area. This will be in addition to the visitors you will get from the search engines, but will also increase those as well, as the links from the social media sites will enhance the authority of your own website in the eyes of Google and will propel your site up the listings so even more people will find you. So social media marketing is important for this twofold effect.


Successful Local SEO Demands Communication and Interaction


We greatly encourage communication and what are known as "calls to action" at every potential point of contact on your web pages and on other pages outside your website as well (the Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts we set up for you).

Your Squidoo lenses, your YouTube videos, your Scribd, EzineArticles and Wordpress content (all of which we set up for you as part of our service) and the press releases we publish and distribute for you, will all have a "call to action" and contact details in as many different formats as possible.

This includes email addresses, opt-in forms (we can make these single opt-in or double opt-in) telephone, mobile, fax, postal and physical contact addresses where applicable.

You should also have this in the snippet of content in your Google result block so that people can contact you without even having to click through to your site!

We can set up multiple email addresses for your business to start building powerful email lists for following up enquiries with website visitors and potential customers. You can send off automated emails to this list at pre-arranged daily or weekly intervals to keep in touch with people who are either existing clients or first-time enquirers.


Making All The Links Work For Local SEO and Local SMM


It is important to ensure that everything works together and that the content and links in the local search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign work with the content and links in the Local SMO (local social media optimisation) campaign and Local SMM (local social media marketing) campaign.

It is important that the growth in popularity and diversity of these links grow in a way that looks natural and does not appear contrived or artificial. Content and links from such sources will grow organically in any case, but it is vital that the growth of these takes place over a sensible period and that the social media sites, as well as the main website, are maintained in a way that is seen to be natural, to ensure the natural raising of the positions of the main website in the search engine listings.

We achieve this by starting from your main website and building outwards, firstly one tier, then a second tier, and in some cases a third, so that a natural diversity of links and content - and also what is known as "anchor text" - appears random and natural, without the footprints of artifice which so many SEO services leave, and which do no good at all.


Good Local SEO Leads To A Unified View of How the Internet Sees Your Site

We know all this sounds a bit confusing at first. Almost every month there seems to be a new component to add to the local SEO mix so as not to be left behind. But we've been doing SEO for years, and you can trust us to put the whole thing together for you in a way that works best, and - more importantly - in a way that works best for your site and your market sector.


Our experience has shown us that it is relatively easy to get a top listing with local SEO. For this reason we don't need to make a fuss about it, and we don't need to go to elaborate (and expensive) lengths to secure these top places for our clients. This means that we don't have to charge the ridiculous fees that some of our competitors are charging their clients for the same, or worse, results. We charge very reasonable fees for a first class service. In fact, we believe we offer the best value local SEO service in the world. But don't take our word for it. Try us and see! We promise you won't be disappointed.



Affordability: How Much Does Your Local SEO Service Cost?

If you were expecting the usual four-figure sums our competitors charge then we're sorry to disappoint you. But, under normal circumstances, we will charge a one-time fee of just $599/£385. It will usually take three or four months to achieve a first page listing, and it would also look a bit suspicious and "unnatural" if this position were to be achieved sooner than this, in most cases.

We charge clients a one-off fee of just $599/£385 with nothing extra to pay, until we get your website listing to the first page of Google and the other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Charges are exclusive of VAT and will be applied where necessary.


We charge just $599/£385 (one payment)


Our Guarantee: If your site's listing isn't on Page One by the end of four months we will continue working on your campaign until it does, and at no further cost to you.

Typically your site will be placed in the top half of the organic listings between number 1 and number 5. Your website may well have two listings on Page One: one for the normal organic listing and another one in the Google Places block which is also on Page One together with a local map pinpointing it. It may also have a third or fourth listing because we will list your website in other relevant directories, forums and databases which may well show up on page one in cases where Google's algorithm enables this to be the case.Sometimes only one or two of these listings will remain as Google resolves duplicate content. However, in the extremely unlikely case that Google or any of the major search engines penalises your website due to matters outside of our control, then obviously we cannot force Google to make amends as they do not respond to individual questions about indexing, therefore we cannot uphold any guarantee that we make to our clients because a search engine is unwilling to enter into any such discussions about its own indexing procedures. Please read our Terms and Conditions page to avoid any doubt before using our service.


Building Your Website

Please note that this is for local SEO optimisation services only. If we need to build you a website from the ground up it will involve, of course, the additional cost of building the website. However, our in-house creative team are extremely talented and resourceful, so this will usually cost less than $425/£250 for a fully working site, including graphic design and multimedia. Email and autoresponders, together with list-building capability, inevitably come from trusted third party providers, as well as domain names and hosting, therefore there will be a slight additional outside cost (typically about £5 a month including hosting - we have negotiated a discount for our clients with leading hosting service Hostgator). We recommend certain providers over others on the basis of performance, service, flexibility and value for money, and we will be pleased to advise on an individual basis. This cost is for a basic site consisting of 5 pages of content plus the necessary supplemental and mandatory pages (About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Help page).


Hostgator Website Hosting Service 4.95 month


Enter the special discount coupon HOST25REDUCE for a 25% reduction on your first invoice.

Alternatively enter the discount coupon GATOR1PENNYHOST to pay only 1 cent for the first month.


Small Business Local SEO London UK provide search engine optimisation services not only for clients in London, but throughout the UK and the world. Many of our clients over the years have been based in North America and some in continental Europe. If you are outside the UK or the EU please browse through our site nevertheless: you can guarantee we have services and experience which will be of use to your wherever you are based in the world.




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