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Google Places And Google Maps

Your Inclusion In Google Places And Google Maps Is Included In Our Service


Google Places and Website Ranking Go Hand in Hand

For some time now Google has displayed a different listing format for certain types of business which are listed locally. Instead of displaying the usual results on a page Google now offers a new way of displaying businesses according to a local ranking system within Google Places. This also comes with a map of the locality to the side of the page, and each listing is also marked on the map. The rank of the local listings within this block is determined, as usual, by how important or relevant (or “worthy”) Google considers the local listing to be.


The worthiness of a local listing is dependent on the merits of the website itself and also on other factors directly relating to details in the local listing, such as references in the Google+ entry for that business, citations and other indicators.

Google Places is also integrated into Google Maps, so that the local listing in Google Places will also appear pinpointed in Google Maps, where your business will feature visually as well as the regular organic listing.

A combination of the quality of the citations in the Google+ profile and also the level of perceived quality in the website itself seems to influence how far up the local block your Google Places listing will appear.

So it may well be, with a well optimised site, that you could be placed at the top of the Google Places block as well as at the #1 position on the organic listings on the first page. This would be the perfect scenario for any business, to have both! However, it seems that, in many cases, once a listing has been achieved in the Google Places block, the organic website listing may disappear as being surplus to requirement. This is one of the things that Google will decide for itself and over which experts seem to have no control.

What is important, though, is that a good listing in Google places would not be possible without good optimisation of the website itself. Therefore, when it comes to local SEO, your website and your Google Places entry must be addressed as of equal importance.

Many local SEO experts disagree on exactly what Google’s next steps will be, but what is certain is that any future local listing formats by Google will be subject to constant subtle changes and SEOs will need to respond to these quickly.


All aspects influence and help each other in building position, rank and authority in the eyes of the search engines, and Google in particular. Everything working together will boost the organic listings, which will increase website rankings and therefore web visitors, traffic and your profits.

It is important to view all of these working together as a whole. The different elements of organic results, Google Places, Google Maps and social media optimisation should not be considered as separate entities, as each informs all the others. The more content, links and activity within each of these can only increase your overall number of visitors by the interest they generate, and it is this which leads to greater website ranking and to greater turnover and profits for your business.

I ask all clients to ensure that they ensure that as many citations are collected from their clients and customers as possible so that these may contribute toward the success of the listing in Google Places and Google Maps. Don’t be shy in asking for such citations. If your customers are happy with you then they should be quite happy to say so!

























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