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Exclusivity of SEO Territory

We Guarantee You Exclusive Rights To Your Own Locality


Exclusivity of Locality

Clearly there is no point in us taking on clients who do the same thing in the same area. You cannot both be at the number one position in Google! Therefore we do the only reasonable thing and offer all our clients exclusivity of area. That means that we will not take on more than one client in the same business sector and in the same town, city or locality.


For example, if you are a plumber in Gosport we will work to make your website reach the top of the search engine listings for the search query “plumber Gosport”, “plumber in Gosport” and all similar search phrases. We will then not accept any further plumbers in Gosport as clients.

This is our guarantee to our clients that we will not be helping your competitors, which is only fair, after all! Effectively this means that you will have exclusive rights to your own “territory”, as it were.

This will give you sole rights to our services as an SEO promoter of your occupation in your location (whether you specify a town, a city or a district in a large city, subject only to the provisions below.


Guarantee of Professional Accreditation

While the above is very fair, it is also fair that, while we will accept clients on a first-come first-served basis, we do not want to be in the position where we agree to boost someone to the top of the rankings who is not properly qualified in his or her field, only to have to turn away someone who is, just because they have seen us later. For this reason we are only taking on clients who are appropriately qualified in their own trade or profession.


This could mean accreditation to a professional body or a trade group by study, qualification or served apprenticeship or similar (there is a vast array of qualifications available and we can’t be all inclusive here).

This is also only fair to the people in your locality. Why would we want to sing the praises of someone who was not properly qualified and who may not do a good job, and then refuse to help someone else who was amply qualified and keen to get on with a healthy and growing business?

Most people are qualified, so this matter probably won’t affect you. We just don’t want handymen passing themselves off as qualified plumbers or heating engineers when they’re not (the same goes for dentists and accountants, for that matter). This is for the well-being of everyone and I’m sure you will agree that this is the way to go. The issue hardly ever crops up so it is hardly worth mentioning, but for the sake of clarity it is better to foreground this matter up front than have to disappoint people later on.
















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